Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Ghanean Scammer...

This is hilarious...
Transcript from Skype...
[20:45:09] GIFY AYEIWAA says: hello,is gifty from ghana how are u doing today plz,can u come on chat?
[20:50:21] Frederic Lievre says: yeah you read my profile plz
[20:51:46] GIFY AYEIWAA says: ok i see
[20:51:52] GIFY AYEIWAA says: how are u dpoing today and
[20:52:19] Frederic Lievre says: sorry??? Did you read my intro?? What did it say??
[20:54:21] GIFY AYEIWAA says: is says anything that i want to ask but what is ur wrok and do u have a friends in ghana here
[20:54:49] Frederic Lievre says: Can you see my picture and the text besides it?
[20:55:48] GIFY AYEIWAA says: no plz....u need to add me so that i cam see that
[20:56:46] Frederic Lievre says: Ok, you can see a baldy guy with a green shirt... Click on it and read...
[20:56:55] Frederic Lievre says: tell me what you see...
[20:57:44] GIFY AYEIWAA says: i can see anything here plz u add me so that i can see
[20:58:11] Frederic Lievre says: well here is what it says:
[20:58:25] GIFY AYEIWAA says: ok
[20:58:59] Frederic Lievre says: "From Ghana, or just moved to Ghana? Please go screw yourself... Thank you very much."
[20:59:20] GIFY AYEIWAA says: thz u too
[20:59:32] Frederic Lievre says: will do
[20:59:40] GIFY AYEIWAA says: add me
[21:00:08] Frederic Lievre says: Ok, you're not the sharpest crayon in the box are you?
[21:01:53] GIFY AYEIWAA says: plz i dont undersand u plz
[21:02:33] Frederic Lievre says: Well I can see that... YOU BRAIN DEAD??? did you digg that?
[21:02:59] GIFY AYEIWAA says: no
[21:03:06] GIFY AYEIWAA says: are u insulting me or whta
[21:03:26] Frederic Lievre says: I c... how did lobotomy goes? Pretty good I guess...
[21:03:43] GIFY AYEIWAA says: plz u add me
[21:04:13] Frederic Lievre says: no me not adding you because you scammer... was that clear enough?
[21:04:30] GIFY AYEIWAA says: no no
[21:04:32] GIFY AYEIWAA says: ok byee
[21:04:48] Frederic Lievre says: wow... twas hard was it... Geesh

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